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We facilitate a wide range of workshops in various settings including primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, businesses, community groups and organisations. Our workshops are designed and conducted in a culturally sensitive way and are interactive and practical with links to the school curriculum.

Our school workshops serve to provide a whole-school approach where students, teachers and parents can collectively address and deal with the many issues that young people face in today’s ever-changing world.

We address challenges with technology use such as social media, smartphone, gaming and pornography addiction as well as issues related to social and personal wellbeing such as cyberbullying, dealing with stress and emotional resilience.

We also have unique workshops designed for educators, professionals and businesses which can assist and enhance the skills and wellbeing of leaders and employees (in both private enterprise and government) to navigate their way through the myriad of problems that they might face in their personal and professional environments.

Workshops: Targeting year 5-12 students


Workplace Workshops


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