Spending time with ‘The Sunnah Guy’

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Spending time with ‘The Sunnah Guy’

04th Dec, 2023

Emerging international guest speaker The Sunnah Guy completed a whirlwind two week tour of Australia’s eastern states in the second half of November. 

And it was Invictus Solutions’ privilege to be able to spend some quality time with – and collaborate with –  this gifted young man, whose given name is Shoaib Hussain. 

The Sunnah Guy has certainly packed a lot of living into his 29 years – and in particular the last decade or so – as Shoaib was just 17 years of age when he decided to become involved in youth work. 

Since then, he has become an influencer, an entrepreneur and a film maker in addition to the work he does, bringing young Muslims who may have lost their way back ‘into the fold’, so to speak. 

Australia was the last of 16 countries that the England-based The Sunnah Guy – the shooting star on the international speaking circuit in terms of young Muslims in the western world – visited during 2023 and he managed to cram a lot of public appearances – and do a lot of amazing work for the sake of Allah – during his two weeks ‘Down Under’. 

On Sunday November 19,  Invictus Solutions collaborated with Metamorphosis Coaching and The Sunnah Guy to present a youth retreat for brothers and sisters aged between 15 and 25 at Bardia in southwestern Sydney. 

Among the critical topics covered were resilience and perseverance – qualities that our youth certainly require in spades as they transition through this integral period of their lives – parental expectations, career choices and early relationships being just some of the ‘minefields’ they must negotiate. 

The two groups then came together for the major workshop which was presented by Invictus Solutions inspirational founder Dean Mousad, another of our very talented workshop facilitators Adam Ismail and Metamorphosis Coaching’s amazing CEO Faz Rana….along with The Sunnah Guy, of course! 

There is no doubt that this was a retreat that all of the youthful participants will cherish memories of for a very long time.  

Fast forward to Tuesday evening November 21 at the Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown and Invictus Solutions was again at the forefront for the Australian premiere of the thought-provoking short film 2 Sides – produced by none other than Shoaib Hussain, The Sunnah Guy! 

This movie tackles the issue of young Muslim brothers turning away from their religion, preferring what may seem like a more alluring path within the Ummah. 

The film’s central character Ahmed finds it hard to fit in with his circle of friends so joins a gang – with disastrous consequences. 

Following the screening of the movie, a one-on-one session between Dean Mousad and The Sunnah Guy facilitated some insightful discussions with the young audience, elevating both the impact of the film and the evening as a whole. 

Further testament to the collaboration between Invictus Solutions and The Sunnah Guy unfolded at the iconic Lakemba Mosque two nights later, on Thursday November 23. 

After delivering an inspirational lecture to over 1,000 young Muslims, Shoaib graciously assisted by recording some promotional footage on behalf of Project Qur’an, one of two Islamic charities co-founded by Dean Mousad and an initiative which has been instrumental in noteworthy Dawah efforts over the past five years. 

“The valuable time and expertise extended to Invictus Solutions and me personally by our friend The Sunnah Guy was much appreciated,” Dean Mousad said. 

“The insights we gained from these collaborations will definitely enhance Invictus Solutions’ ability to continue making a positive impact on the lives of young Muslims through the educational workshops we conduct in schools across Australia.” 

“Our workshops address the myriad of challenges that young people face in the 2020s and show our commitment to holistic education and community enrichment.” 

“We thank The Sunnah Guy and his Australian management time Olive Tree Events for contributing towards the collective mission of Invictus Solutions.” 

“Shoaib leaves Australia with our prayers and best wishes in continuing the great work he does across the globe and we cannot wait to work with him again in the future.”