School workshop facilitators

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School workshop facilitators

01st Jun, 2023

Invictus Solutions is a rapidly growing company which provides counselling services for a wide range of personal and psychological matters which include but are not limited to behavioural addiction, relationship issues, anxiety and depression.

In addition to counselling, we also provide mentoring and consulting services as well as school, workplace and community workshops.

Our Blog goes into more depth about many of the issues we address with our clients and how we go about helping them.

We have worked extremely hard to put together an excellent team that we are very proud of.

Please take some time to peruse our list of  Facilitators and read their biographies: you will see that it is a tremendous line-up of talented, qualified and even award-winning individuals who will do their utmost to guide and assist you, your family members, your employees or your students with whatever challenges they may be dealing with.

Workshop facilitators play an essential role in schools, workplaces, and communities by leading and organising workshops that address specific issues or topics.

In a school setting, workshop facilitators differ from teachers and educators, who may have expertise in a specific subject area, whereas a workshop facilitator’s primary responsibility is to guide the learning process, encourage participation and engagement and create a safe and supportive environment for all attendees.

At Invictus Solutions, our school workshop facilitators work closely with students and their teachers and parents to address the challenges that young people face  today – especially in this digital era.

Many school workshops are specifically focused on issues which have only surfaced in the 21st century including Social Media, Smartphone Addiction, Gaming Addiction and Cyberbullying, to name just a handful.

As the founder of well-known charitable organisations Brothers In Need and Project Qur’an, Invictus Solutions director Dean Mousad is a much respected and admired figure in the Australian Muslim community.

With his extensive experience in counselling and community service, Dean leads our team of highly qualified and experienced workshop facilitators.

 “Invictus Solutions school workshop facilitators are dedicated to helping students develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives,” says Dean.

“Over recent times, our (school) workshops have experienced unprecedented demand, and indeed, we recently ran 24 Anti-Bullying workshops in the space of five days at just one Sydney Islamic college.”

“We have added a number of very experienced, highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable new facilitators to our team to meet this growing need.”

At Invictus Solutions, we believe that by providing the right support and guidance, individuals can learn to overcome even the most significant challenges and hurdles that life puts in front of them.

Our workshops are designed to be culturally sensitive, practical, and interactive, providing students with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the complex world of social media, digital communication, behavioural issues and more.

School workshops conducted by Invictus Solutions obviously target students of different ages and levels of maturity and the information we provide to our audience is delivered with this in mind.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and effective school workshop facilitator, Invictus Solutions is the perfect choice.