Mastering the Art & Science of the Business

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Mastering the Art & Science of the Business

14th Feb, 2022

Betsy’s blog is one that is fairly new to the scene β€” but has already become one of the most consistent, quality blogs online for consultants.

Inside, she shares various articles, podcasts, and other resources that help you run your own successful consulting business.

Betsy’s content comes from her own experience transitioning from 20 years of consulting to world class organizations like Disney, Wyndham and AAA, and 9 years of running her own profitable consulting business.

Here’s what she said when I asked her how her blog stands out:

“It is designed to transform high-achieving professionals into world-class corporate consultants AND sustainably profitable business owners. It’s designed to equip really smart people with the knowledge and skills to confidently leap into full-time consulting, launch a strengths-based consulting business, attract and land high-paying corporate clients and deliver results with excellence. Through a combination of business, relational and marketing savvy, my readers will have the guidance they need to begin cultivating authentic consulting confidence that will make all the tasks of running a consulting business almost effortless.

How my blog is different –

  • I think I am the only woman (or one the few) in the consulting mentoring space
  • I offer step-by-step guidance to create and implement systems (NOT scattered tactics)
  • I provide whole person support for each part of their consulting business growth journey – heart, mind and tactics